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Let the Sun Shine In

Older windows can be one of the largest costs for homeowners, and changing them can brighten up an entire room. For those who want to let the sun shine into their home, there are many things they should consider when finalizing their design. Modern windows are more energy efficient, but letting too much sun into a room can make it uncomfortable during part of the day. It can also take a toll on floors and furniture that can be damaged by too much exposure to the light.

For those with older homes, the windows are often made with wooden sashes. These develop gaps as the temperature around them fluctuates, and they can create uncomfortable drafts within a room. Replacing them could be expensive, but it is worth the cost if they save enough money. Even just adding a second pane to each window can boost their energy efficiency enough to make the investment worthwhile.

Many modern window companies have found it pays to educate their customers about energy efficiency, and they have found they do not need to sacrifice beauty in the process. A window can come in almost any size or shape, but being efficient in keeping the outdoors at bay can make even the most expensive window worth the cost. Those that have triple panes offer the best rating, and they will quickly repay the investment when the heating or cooling bills drop dramatically.

Letting a lot of light into a room is often thought to be for the best, but there are downsides that modern manufacturers have addressed. Flooring and furniture can be damaged by too much ultraviolet light shining during the day, so they now provide a film that will let in plenty of light without the harmful rays. These can also keep down energy costs because they let the room remain cooler, and the lack of too bright light will make it a nicer place to be at any time.