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The Luxury of Hot Water

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Modern homes are much more complex than their counterparts as little as a century ago. They are filled with electronics that no longer need wires to operate, and many of the appliances can be programmed for specific needs, and even the materials used to build them have advanced over the years. Most of the modern innovations were created in the search for energy efficiency, yet the luxury of hot water for washing clothes and dishes or taking a shower or bath is still considered a necessity. It only takes a hot water heater connected into the household plumbing to create it.

It might seem a simple matter to have hot water always ready, but simplicity flies out the window when the water heater dies a sudden and terrifying death. Rather than turning on a faucet to relax under a stream of hot water, a homeowner could step into the shower and suddenly yelp when cold water pours down. It is a disconcerting feeling at best, and the sudden loss of this luxury can create havoc in almost any modern household.

Replacing the water heater could seem to be easy enough, but it can be a process fraught with decisions. A larger tank might be best for the family that has grown into the house, or an on-demand water heating system could be even better. Making the choice comes down to cost and energy efficiency for many, but some might even consider the addition of room within the house to make their choice.

Many people believe on-demand systems are more efficient, but that is only due to the fact the water is heated only when necessary. These systems take almost the same amount of energy to heat the same volume of water as a tank system. Cost is a factor, and it should be noted the cost is two to four times lower when a tank system is selected. For those craving more space inside the home, a tank system can be put outside. That alone could make the choice simple without considering energy efficiency or cost.